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Angling Legend Jack Hilton Is Dead
By Len Arbery

On Tuesday evening at 11.25pm, came the sad news that one of the all time great anglers of our generation, Jack Hilton had died peacefully at his home from leukaemia. Jack was 68 and my sincer condolences go out to his widow, Anne, and his family, particularly young Amy.
As an angler Jack was interested in mor than just carp, and he caught specimens of all the major coarse fish species: fish such as an 11lb 6 oz barbel, 2lb 12oz roach and chub of 7lb 1 1/2oz and 7lb 1oz but I think it is fair toto say, it was Jack's success with carp that brought him the most pleasure and fame.
Jack was the first angler in this country to catch three thirties', and the reel company, Mitchell, struck a me dal in his honour to commemorate the event. But Jack didn't stop there, he went on to become the first man to catch four then five, carp over 30lb. His biggest was a 40lb 3oz mirror (Pictured to the right) from Redmire Pool.
However Jack's achievements were not just restricted to catching fish. When the farmer who leased Redmire threatened to curtail angling access, Jack discovered the owners names and, going over the tenant farmer's head, and arranged a lease for the fishing to continue. This in 1968, being the birth of the famous Redmire syndicate. This was typical of Jack's determination and self-belief, he really believed anything was possible, if gone about in the correct manner.
Jack was a first-rate innovator.For example when fishing the weedy Ashlea Pool and because none of the available hooks at the time were suitable for big carp, he found a salmon hook and modified it to his own ideas - then introduced it to the rest of the big carp fraternity.
Jack was also an artist and a fine angling writer. Within a paragraph or two Jack could transport you to the bank to share his fishing with you - undoubtedly, a rare talent. His book QuestFor Carp, was an acknowledged classic and rates with the very best, In - fact it happens to be my favourite fishing book.
If I had to sum up Jack Hilton in a few words I would say that Jack was the most influential angler of the post-walker generation, and I think there will be very few of his contemporaries who will argue with that.


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