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The New Hilton Quest Carp Landing Net.

During the last few years while steadily forming our new business, setting out designs for our new range of rod’s and working on the assembly of material for our new website, we have had quite a few anglers asking about the possibilities of us producing a Hilton Carp landing net. After much consideration we thought that if we could come up with a design worthy enough then we would take the idea further.
If we were to produce a new landing net, we felt a strong need that our net should have very close links with carp fishing’s history and that this would provide our net with provenance.
We have along the way studied many other designs of carp landing nets that have been commercially produced in the past and up to the present day, looking for any details that may be useful within our own new design or indeed any pitfalls that we should be avoiding.
Our net today is principally based on the late Richard Walkers design from the early 1950s, complete with a spreader block assembly, while being partly modelled on the landing net made to Walkers design in very limited numbers by B James & Son of Ealing during the later part of the 1950s. We are very fortunate to have my late fathers own B James landing net, which has a 5` cane handle along with 36inch laminated cane arms with a detachable spreader block assembly. Weight is obviously an issue when using these materials. We have studied my fathers net to gain some of the finer details to incorporate within our design. We have also been just as fortunate to have Roger Smith’s carp landing net which was made for him during the early 1960s by his late father George. This was built with a 6` cane handle along with 42inch glass fibre arms again with a detachable spreader block assembly; with the use of these materials and dimensions this was an extremely modern landing net for its day. The late Tom Mintram also had a large carp net which was originally made by Roger’s father but later modified and lightened up by Len Arbery. Thanks to Tom’s son Mike we were able to study this net in great detail as well. It has a 6` glass fibre handle with 46inch glass fibre arms along with alloy and brass fittings which make up the detachable spreader block assembly, but weighs next to nothing. This was an important point for us, that we must keep the weight down to a minimum.
Other home brewed landing nets were also looked at. These nets were all finished to a very high standard and some were extremely light weight. One of these nets that caught our eye was made by Pete Badley a well-known member of Jack’s Redmire syndicate. There is a photo of this net in Quest for Carp leaning on the dam rail behind Pete’s immaculate 31lb common carp that he caught in June of 1970. It was the spreader block design that was of particular interest to us, we have adjusted this to fit in with our own design requirements.
We feel that we have come up with a new carp landing net worthy enough to present to today’s carp angling scene.
The new Hilton carp landing net is hand built in England using the latest and finest quality British made Harrison honey coloured carbon fibre blanks. The arms are 42inces long and are in plain wrapped carbon with the handle being six feet in long and of woven carbon. We have used high-grade aluminium and brass precision British engineered fittings. The main alloy parts have an anodised finish to help protect against wear and tear. These nets have antique gold coloured whippings throughout and are fitted with an olive green hex mesh.
These nets are all numbered, accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and are available exclusively from Hilton Angling.
At this stage we have assembled two prototype nets, these are being tested on the bank at present. The production of this net will be dependant on the amount of interest that we receive so that we can get some idea of the number to produce within the first production run. This will affect costs and the final price, we are not planning to limit the number of net’s built overall, but we plan to build them in batches of 50.
Please email us with your feedback, you can also register your interest by filling out the form on the right if you would like more information, or to reserve one of these very special landing nets.


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