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Jack's Net

The spring conference of the Carp Society provided a wonderful opportunity for someone like me to meet old friends, including the anglers who had gathered for the Jack Hilton part of the proceedings. Read More...

A Tribute To Bill Quinlan
"My Mate Bill"
By Bob Buteux

You will probably heard of the death of Bill Quinlan a week or so ago. All his friends new it was inevitable, for he had emphysema and only part of one of his lungs was opperating. Read More...

By Bill Quinlan
I can't remember just when I first met Jack Hilton, though is was certainly over 30 years ago. Our paths used to cross from time to time, as we both tended to walk in the tracks of Richard d Walker. Jack and I also had friends in common people like Frank Guttfield, Peter Frost, Alan Brown, etc - all fanatical anglers. Read More...

Angling Legend Jack Hilton Is Dead
By Len Arbery
On Tuesday evening at 11.25pm, came the sad news that one of the all time great anglers of our generation, Jack Hilton had died peacefully at his home from leukaemia. Jack was 68 and my sincer condolences go out to his widow, Anne, and his family, particularly young Amy. Read More...

Opportunity Taken
By Keith Hilton

It was the 15th of June 1999; the weather was calm, sunny and very hot. This day found my good friend Mike Mintram and I set up in our respective swims on the banks of the Red Spinners famous old carp water, Cheshunt Reservoir.

Bad Day
By Kenneth Ewington

It was Jack who first became aware of my growing interest in carp. Perhaps it was the look of longing, lingering on my countenance, and the suspicious protruding of my lips as I sucked floating crust from the margin of my soup plate. Read More...

The Great Catches
Jack Hilton’s Forty
By Chris Ball

It perhaps fitting, after the recent sad death of the great Jack Hilton, that the Great catches series looks at Jack’s finest moment. As an angler, he was right at the top of the carp ladder from 1967 until 1974. Read More...

Redmire Memories
Bill's Shift part one
By Pete Cranstoun
In the 1960's a weekly angling paper (Anglers Mail), conveyed an artical on a page dedicated to the specimen hunting fraternity. It was headed 'In the swim with the Big Fish Men' and later, 'Big Fish in Perspective'. various well known and respected angling writers contributting information on their favourite species. Read More...

Redmire Memories
Bill's Shift Part Two
By Pete Cranstoun
The Not So Serious Stuff

Certain evenings, as darkness fell, would find all three of us back at the vans discussing some of thdaily events over dinner. Not the banquets and roasts that were part of the Redmire scene in days gone by, just a primitive snack between bouts of intensive fishing. Read More...


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