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Welcome To Hilton Angling

Hilton Angling is a small company which has been set up in 2008; we are constantly studying both new and old well-proven designs to see if we can develop from these practical pieces of tackle that benefits either from the use of modern materials and manufacturing techniques or indeed the more traditional materials and techniques. Our tackle is developed to be of good all round practical use for today’s anglers, and is built to an extremely high quality that will stand the test of time during normal every day angling use.
Our aim is to cater for the younger and older anglers alike; to the younger anglers most of our tackle will be new to them. To some of the older anglers different items of tackle may resemble or actually even be based on an item of tackle they once owned many years ago, but we hope improved upon.
An example of this is found within our new range of rods of which we have worked tirelessly on, these follow on from the designs that were favoured by my father Jack Hilton. These new rods are built using the latest British made “Harrison” honey coloured carbon blanks along with the latest rings, but are all hand built in the traditional way. This has resulted in a new range of rods that look strikingly similar to the originals, but with inherent advantages in performance both in casting and the playing of fish in many different conditions on small or large lakes, rivers and streams. These are the only genuine new Hilton rods available in the world and over the coming years we intend to continue developing our ideas and produce practical specialist pieces of fishing tackle that we hope will prove to be a great asset to the angler on the bank.

Hilton Angling

Hilton Angling is owned and managed by Keith Hilton, son of the late Jack Hilton, who was very well known in the coarse angling world during a period from the early 1960s through to the mid 1970s. Jack’s articles were regular features in some of the weekly angling papers throughout this period and covered his successful pursuit for numerous species of fish. He wrote with such creative passion and intensity that he managed to include most of the finer details from the outset of his many adventures to the final captures of his intended quarry. Jack also wrote a number of articles over the years which appeared in several different books, and then in 1972, his own complete book called Quest for Carp was published. After this and while still writing for the weekly papers there were a couple of series books of which Jack appeared, one was ‘Catch More Carp’ and the other was ‘Roach Fishing Step By Step’. When talking to Keith recently he told me a little more about his father from a rather different angle to what most people are used to being that he is Jack’s son “My dad was a practical angler best known for his actual angling achievements through many of his articles. In 1972 the Mitchell reel company presented my dad a medal for being the first man to catch three carp of over 30lb in this country, yet by the time that he had received this medal he had actually caught five carp of over 30lb. Now the thing that l remember most about this medal is that he received it through the post one morning as l was on my way out heading off for school. Later that same evening he gave the medal to me to keep. By him doing this made me think very hard during that evening although l was only a young lad and very pleased to have this medal, l actually worked a lot out of what my dad was all about. Jack although was very pleased to have received this medal, to him it was the actual fishing that he was so in love with and not the trophies or recognition. I also remember him telling me of an experience that he had many years after he had packed up fishing, that somebody had walked in to his antique shop and in a loud voice said “Your him aren’t you, your that famous angler Jack Hilton” my dad just wanted the floor boards to open up and jump through them as he was so embarrassed, know fame and recognition was most definitely not what he was about! Some people may well ask then why did he write so much if he was that uncomfortable with the recognition? It is probably hard to understand this nowadays, but Jack enjoyed his fishing and his friends so much that to him writing about it was just a natural thing to do”
Keith is a keen and practical angler who told me that just as his father used to, he also improves his angling knowledge more and more every time he goes fishing, and just as many times as the rest of us also learns how not to do things as well! Keith spent many a happy hour fishing with his father and his friends on many different waters from a very young age, so you could say that he has had a life long interest in angling. When asked if he has any anglers in particular that he favours Keith answered, “Yes Roger Smith, but having known Roger for all of my life l would say wouldn’t l as he is like family to me. The ideas and writings of Richard Walker still do a lot for me and I always enjoy what ever Chris Yates comes up with but l think that l must agree with Roger that Rod Hutchinson must be one of the all time greatest anglers that this country has ever seen so far, so if l could be a quarter as good as each of these four l would be one happy angler”


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